Love is the New Orange
Orange. I set off for this adventure feeling very balanced.  Emotionally, mentally and physically.  I arrived strong, flexible and ready to[...]
Fish and Faith
Little girl. When I began to work with Israel Yunger in May of 1997, I was still a child. A[...]
Darkness. It is August, but the nights at the ashram in upper state New York are cool and dark. I[...]
Born Out of Love
On my knees. In one hand, a little brush and in the other a dustpan. Picking up crumbs of food[...]
Be Prepared
  Twilight. A red plane flies between our old apartment building and the next. In it sat a blonde little[...]
Crawling. The tunnel is so narrow and dark. I can't remember exactly how I got here. Mud. Dust. I'm scratched[...]

About me

Hi. My name is Karnit Gefen, but please call me Niti…or Narayani. It's a pleasure to meet you!

I am Mom to Lula and Guli, who remind me every day what love is.

Yoga teacher and caretaker. I practice yoga and teach others how to improve decision-making processes for a more balanced, calmer and better life. I nurture flexibility in thinking and creativity and, every day, take on a holistic approach combining the head and the emotional world of the heart and belly, recognizing the countless possibilities this integration opens up and the serenity it offers as a result. I believe in the healing power of love and the ability of everyone to love and be loved.